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How to Brew Perfect Compost Tea.  10 Easy Steps

How to Brew Perfect Compost Tea. 10 Easy Steps

Posted by Joshua T. Serpa on Apr 30th 2019

According to the Soil Food Web group, Compost tea can save the world.   The beneficial Microbes, Fungi, Protozoa and Nematodes are capable of breaking down very complex molecules and even neuro-toxins.  Here are Ten Simple steps to brew the perfect compost tea.

1. Build or Buy a very good compost tea brewer.  What you need, cone bottom tank, banjo fittings, regenerative air blower, quality tubing and a good pressure washer to clean your brewer between uses.  I also recommend sterilizing between uses with Oxyclean.

2. Fill brewer with filtered water,  the cleaner the water the better.  Reverse osmosis water with less than 10 PPM is ideal.  If you have city or well water be careful.  Well water can carry anaerobic microbes and city water usually has harmful chemicals such as chlorine and chloramine.

3.  Get a compost tea brewing bag.

4. Make or Source or Purchase good compost.

5. Set water temperature to 78 degrees.

6. Per 50 Gallons of water add 1.5 quarts of Humus, 1.5 quarts of Worm Casting, 2 cups Fish Hydrolysate,  1/4 cup Liquid Kelp and  2 cups Liquid Humic Acid.

7. Aerate the brew for 24 Hours

8. Within last hour add water soluble mycorrhizae blend 1/4 cup. 

9. Dilute tea with 200 Gallons of clean filtered water. 

10.  Feed your soil.